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Investment Process

You can find the detail on my approach here and here.  But, if that’s more than you want to know, here are a couple of important distinguishing features of my approach:


  • Working with you, I establish a benchmark for my performance on the returns for your total portfolio, not just the individual holdings as many advisors do, with progress reported to you every month.

  • I limit the number of clients I work with in order be able to react to changing circumstances as they develop.  This also enables me to actively rebalance portfolios based on relative performance, not slavishly tied to dates or percentages.

  • I give clients the complete picture of my methodology.

  • I base my investment decisions on a combination of macroeconomic conditions and emerging technical outlook.

  • Regardless of how I feel about the market and the preponderance of opinions I read, I use an objective, graphically-driven approach to avoid being caught in a collapsing market bubble.

  • I believe in long term investing, but remain flexible.

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