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Who is Lane Asset Management?

The question is a fair one as Lane Asset Management has only one employee and is not affiliated with a “name” firm.  In addition to his years of experience as a consulting actuary and financial advisor, a rare combination, there are distinctive differences in his approach to serving clients:


·        As an independent advisor not affiliated with a larger firm, Lane Asset Management is able to provide services at a cost 25 to 75 basis points below market rates, having a significant impact on long term total investment returns


·        The fee-only approach and avoidance of the sale of insurance and other financial products eliminates any potential conflict of interest in recommendations to clients 


·        As an actuary, Ed understands the mechanics and underlying advantages and disadvantages of variable annuities and other insurance products, allowing knowledgeable and unbiased advice


·        By exploring economic and market research from multiple sources, Ed is able to present both consensus and personal views without being constrained to use a “party line”


·        Ed’s investment analysis and approach, while grounded in professional and conventional methodology, takes an independent direction that brings a unique perspective and useful diversification in thought, including built-in objective processes to limit exposure to major market disruption


·        Ed provides each client with an objective total portfolio performance benchmark consistent with their personal objectives and risk tolerance, and communicates performance relative to that benchmark each month.

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